Art of mindfulness

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Their question is, Which is the best sadhana (spiritual/religious practice) for a householder. Because, after seeing the details of Purashcharana, he finds it very difficult […]

The Goal of Life

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What is the goal of human life? Goal of human life is to be happy. However, I read somewhere, that happiness is never a pursuit. […]


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This question was raised earlier as well. “What is our parampara (lineage) and from where did it originate from?’ Had behad dono taje, takee mata […]

What Is Hapiness

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occurred on the maha gayjisu record is my problem dear venom guru made a servo car as you serve a dog I’d offer my obeisance […]

Make your own Path

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Their question is good. Yesterday, I had said, “One has to lie in order to make a good image in society”, however, that’s not what […]


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I will give a brief answer to your question, because for the detailed answer, I have written about it in my books. Their question is […]

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significance of fasting

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The question is. What is the significance of fasting in spiritual progress? One gets the mental strength by fasting and without mental strength there cannot […]

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Staying Happy

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The question of staying happy all the time please know that this it is impossible It is not possible that you can stay happy all […]

Devi Shadhna

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It’s not the nature of Lord Vishnu to get angry. He lives in reclusion in quietness. But if Lord Vishnu goes away from someone’s heart, […]

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Kundalini Yoga

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I don’t talk much about Kundalini Because unless someone meditates for 3000-4000 hours, they can’t get the real experience of Kundalini. After meditating for 3000-4000 […]


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The question is: With how much fear should a person live? Is it true that if you have not done any bad to anyone then […]


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The question is if a person doesn’t do chanting, mantra chanting or meditation, can they attain God through service? I don’t think I’ve ever said […]

Peace of mind

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The effortless way of attaining peace of mind. The easiest way to attain peace of mind, in my opinion is that the human should stop […]


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Past life Is it true that if one has done bad deeds(karma) in the past, they have to suffer it in this life? If this […]

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What is Tantra

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If an enemy [laughs] if an enemy -written in bracket- a relative or outsider feeds the family members anything wrong fraudulently it causes diseases, weakness; […]

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Anybody can attain mukti. Just like anybody having a mouth can drink water, similarly anyone having a body can attain mukti. Anybody. One is Jeevan […]

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Spiritual Process

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The question is what kind of spiritual meditation should the human do in life? The human thinks that meditation is the path of fulfilling whatever […]

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Self Confidence

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so,her question is back then in the meeting room she said she puts in her best effort but her teacher does not appreciate her work. […]

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What is GSC

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What is GSC GSC STAND FOR GOOGLE search console and use to track the rankings of our web pages .so in todays artcle we will […]

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Top best smartphones

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realme 7 epic power epic charter ​three look at my eyes y’all looking at you where you go they’ll follow you look in my eyes […]

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AcneAcne is an irregular surface of dead skin and occurs when dead skin cells fosiles .These are also called blackhead whiteheads and pimples. These are […]

Samsung Premium Segments

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The new chipset smartphone is listed on the Samsung Mexico website that is the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE lets know its specification, camera, and design. […]

Amazon Fire Kids

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Like many gadgets launched by amazon this time four versions of gadgets or tablets launched are Amazon Fire HD, Fire HD 10 PLUS, Fire Hd […]