Amazon Fire Kids

Like many gadgets launched by amazon this time four versions of gadgets or tablets launched are Amazon Fire HD, Fire HD 10 PLUS, Fire Hd 10 Kids, and Fire HD 10 PRO ON ITS E-COMMERCE PORTALS WITH DIFFERENT VARIANTS.

All Four versions are controlled by guardians and no one can see useless things without parental permission.

New fire Hd has a 10-inch display that is larger and better than the older version also has a new Ram and Rom These ALL ARE MADE FOR KIDS 6-12 BUT FIRE HD 10 are made for kids between 3 to 7.

Features for kids like books, movies, and games are given in all four versions. According to statements given by the kids and amazon kids’ general manager, the device is fully oriented for the child and under the control of parents.

Amazon fire Hd 10 Series specification

Display 10.1 full Hd display with 1900*1200 pixel resolution octa-core processor with clock speed 2.0 gigahertz but in HD 10 plus have 4GB ram and storage of 32 GB and 64 GB inbuilt with 1 TB micro SSD card both have 5 mp camera and front 2 mp. Battery life said to be 12 hr according to a media report.

Amazon Fire HD 10 kids specification

All are same as fire HD 10 with 32 gb sorage and microsd solt are given with bluetooth connectivty and mass are 715gm.

Amazon Fire HD 10 series, Fire HD 10 Kids, Fire Kids Pro models are priced at $ 149.99 (about Rs 11,200) starting at Amazon Fire HD 10 which comes in Black, Denim, Lavender, and Oliver color variants. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus has a starting price of $ 179.99, while the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids tablet has a starting price of $ 199.99 (about Rs 14,900), which comes in Sky Blue, Aquamarine and Lavender colors.

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