Devi Shadhna

It’s not the nature of Lord Vishnu to get angry. He lives in reclusion in quietness. But if Lord Vishnu goes away from someone’s heart, that person loses inner silence completely. If there is no morality, one cannot attain peace in life. But, if Mahadevi (Goddess Devi) gets angry with someone, that person becomes totally poor. And there is nothing worse than poverty on earth.

One can handle all problems. But the one who loses all his wealth, he loses his self-respect, his affinity. So, what are the seven qualities? Enjoyment. Mother Goddess never wants her child to be a saint. That means shunning enjoyment.

Mother Goddess always wants her child to get all kinds of happiness. So, when Goddess is happy, she offers enjoyment first. This is the first sign of Goddess Devi’s power. Even if that person sits in cremation ground, wealth will start accumulating there on his feet. He can sit anywhere, in forest, hill, disappear or hide inside a cave. Goddess, in the form of Mahalakshmi, will reach to him there.

Second is grandeur. ‘Mahabhoga Maheshwarya’. She offers grandeur. Because Goddess says, you meditated for me. You needed me, I have come. Now, you enjoy society’s pleasures. The way Lord Krishna told Arjuna, ‘Nirdwando nitya satvastho nir yogakshem atmavan.’ ‘Tray gunya vishay bheda nistragunabhavarjuna.’ ‘Nirdwando nitya satvastho nir yogakshem atmavan.’

Arjun, there will come a time when you will rise above Vedas. From the three qualities that are given, rise above that & become confident. And rise above the confusion between good and bad, right and wrong. There is a short story from Swami Vivekananda’s life that I remember. When he had just attained ascetic, he used to live in a state of sacrifice. And yesterday, we were talking about the.. .. big difference between sacrifice and mortification. Mortification is larger than sacrifice. Perhaps the King of Khetri, who had sent him to Chicago, called him. So, he called Vivekananda to him.

And a dancer was called there. And other saints were also called. Vivekananda said, ‘I can’t watch this dance’. Because this is not in accordance with my ascetic religion. Then the other saints, I don’t remember their names, they told Vivekananda, you have outstanding character. You shouldn’t restrict yourself to petty things. If some other saint had told, I would have listened to him. You have to bring a revolution in the world that has never been seen by this world. You will have to break these restrictions to move forward. So, when Goddess is glad she gives grandeur after happiness.

Entire wealth is available for that person. You can attain grandeur from God. Man cannot give grandeur, but only its material. But the capability or resolution of offering opulence, is only in God. Then, boldness. If there is no boldness, then there is no pleasure of happiness. When a person is ill, in a chronic condition.. ..he is unable to attain happiness out of any pleasure or comfort.

And strength comes from wisdom, the fifth one. Power, sixth one and celebrity, the seventh. Celebrity means becoming adored. Enjoy your life. The entire world, the entire cosmos is my owned area. When Goddess is happy with any seeker, go and do whatever you like and live in spirit of God. ‘Niratanko ranko jeevarte virah kotiknaya kahe.’ The beggar also becomes king and roams about fearlessly.

We heard the narratives of ‘Devi Bhagwat’. It is important to tell stories so that you know what’s there in scriptures. You heard the story of Madhukaitabh. And before that day you heard another story about that king Satrajit. You heard Samyantak Mani’s story. There are many stories in ‘Devi Bhagwat’. I will tell you to read them yourself. There is the story of King Sadyuman and then there are stories from Mahabharat.

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