The question is if a person doesn’t do chanting, mantra chanting or meditation, can they attain God through service? I don’t think I’ve ever said that a person can attain God by chanting. Chanting is to train the mind, and so is meditation or mantra chanting.

That is to establish your relationship with God. Self-purification is the only way to attain God. The karmic fruit that a person gets from service cannot be achieved through mantra chanting. Because Mantra chanting is a personal desire, A person does mantra chanting only for himself. Whereas when you are doing a service, the other person is benefitting immediately.

The fruit of service is much greater. Mantra is for the training of the mind, whereas service is to break the ego. That is the difference between real service and one where we think we are doing service. When a person does service which is not an honest service, then it increases the ego that look, I’m doing so much. When a person does real service, it reduces the ego. It’s God’s grace that HE has chosen me as a medium to do this service now. It’s hard to say if this medium will be there tomorrow or not. I believe, when looked at from this perspective, service is ahead of Mantra chanting.

Good Karma, true Karma is devotion. What use is that devotion that is void of Karma? One should do Karma in such a way that it turns into devotion, into sadhana. The karma becomes the devotion. Imagine if a patient goes to a doctor and the doctor says, please wait half an hour; I am doing Surya sadhana.

The person is in pain, and the doctor is like, it’s ok, you are not dying, sit and wait. What can we do with such Bhakti/devotion, which is not pleasant for self or others? Once Baba Farid went to heaven, he saw a big gathering with beautiful things, variety of foods, lights, and various kinds of music was playing.. Farid said, Is it because I am here? What’s the reason, for all this celebration?

The answer came that today is GOD’s birthday and we are celebrating. Farid was astonished. He saw a rider on a camel, and millions were following the camel. A heavenly person was on that camel Farid asked, who is this? ‘Is this the same GOD?” The answer came, “No, He is our Prophet Mohammed.” and behind him are all Muslim followers.

Farid turned his vision to different direction and sees another godly person going on a chariot followed by a million followers He asked,” who is this?? They said, “He is Lord Krishna.” All Rasika’s are following HIM as I mentioned it is GOD’s birthday. Similarly, there was another caravan of people with Guru Nanak, With divine eyes and a heavenly glow and millions of people are walking with him.

Different religions are recognized with their unique things like a cap, tilak, turban, etc. It was a beautiful and colourful scene. Farid waits for everyone to leave. Once everyone has left, he sees a person walking in a very shabby condition and a small dog is walking with him.

Farid asked him who are you and how come you are here? The person said, “I am GOD. It is my birthday today.” These people have moved ahead. When people make righteousness their religion, they forget why they sat in sadhana in the first place. GOD is left behind. GOD is left somewhere behind in a shabby state. The person is running behind the grandeur of devotion.

Maybe put a tilak, wear a garland, or some other way showing or It could be a show off or a real feeling of the heart, I can’t say. What is the use of this devotion where we are not doing anything for the one who is alive? So, Karma is so much bigger than devotion that there is no comparison.

Devotion that is void of karma and karma that is void of devotion is Tamasic. They walk with each other. Their question is if everything in our life is predestined? I think, did you come today? I answered this yesterday.

So you are here for the first time? Then it is destiny!” Because no one comes here with their wish or goes back with their wish. Similarly, none on earth comes with their wish or goes with their wish. However, assume you took one step; that is your choice.

You are standing, and you picked one foot now that is your choice. If you wished you wouldn’t have picked it up. You picked one but to pick the other foot or put it down is not your choice. So when we choose some karma, some choices, our next Karma is then dependent on those choices.

It’s written somewhere that Man is the maker of his destiny, or women are the maker of her destiny. The choice of our Karma decides our future. If we ride a train, either we will step down on our choice or we will be told leave at some point in time. So, based on present karma something will surely happen in the future.

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