Diabetes Patient During COVID-19

The Second Stage of the corona is Rapidly increasing nowadays, infected as well of casualties increasing day by day. This time variant is more spreading and strongly. sufferers are not only old agers but also youngsters according to expert those who had different diseases they should have to becare more about covid-19 second stage. Reports say that youngsters or old age who suffer from corona may be attacked by diabetes.

In today’s article, we will learn how to take care during corona if a person suffering from Diabetes according to reports in when china most of all diabetes patient are type two in this type of death is most common.

Before this report, one more research has found and said that after suffering from corona insulin level id decreased in patience body also weight is lost and those haven’t sugared are caused to v high blood sugar after a corona.

According to the medical report, every sixth person is suffering from high bp to study one Indian person can eat 18kg sugar early and if blood sugar increase then they infected eye, ear, and skin

according to health experts, a careless diet leads to an increase in glycomic foods level. we have too far away from glycemic foods, junk food, brave food, and baked food also we worried about taking. Trans fat-containing foods are also harmful.

We have to include protein, fibers in food take 5-6 ltr or more water daily, last take vitamin c containing foods.

Some yoga is benificial

According to baba randev kapalbharti and mandukadan can control our diabetes kapalnahrtiactivateb cells and regenrate ,5 min of mandukasan control bloog sugar ,there are many more asanas that helps us to control blood sugar such as gomukhasan lokhasan and more .

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