The question is: With how much fear should a person live? Is it true that if you have not done any bad to anyone then nothing bad will happen to you Or should one lead a life with faith in God? Whether you have done millions of good deeds (Karma) there is no guarantee that nothing bad will happen to you. Whoever gives such a guarantee is a fool.

Even if you have spent all your life doing good for the society. still, no one can give you such a promise that nothing bad will happen to you. What is the meaning of “Bad”? One is sugar, which we eat. Other is, something that happened to us which we did not like.

which caused us a loss. We labelled that as bad. If something did not go in our favour or as per our wish, which we did not like, we call it bad. But is it truly bad? If I did not like something does it become bad because of that? If you try to give an injection of vaccination to a child, he will not like it and will start crying, is that bad ? I have said it many times, this is the difference between pain and suffering Sorrow is suffering but pain is not.

If you have done a lot of good deeds but did not look after your health, can your good deeds prevent illness in your body? Not possible. It is not like that after eating deep fried food, you think that If I donate some money in the temple then my cholesterol level will remain in balance. If you need to keep your body healthy then you have to work on your body, To keep the mind healthy, you have to work on the mind and spiritual karma must be done to keep the soul healthy.

That is why many people, who are deceiving society their whole life still they have a good body. because they are taking good care of their body. We think that he is happy, but no one can tell how happy someone is. When a person goes to bed at night, only that person truly knows if he is, happy or not Even if he is doing a lot of bad karma everyday but he is also doing physical exercise for 2-3 hours daily and eating healthy food, then he will not fall sick easily.

This is not the way how Karmic accounts work. No one knows when and which Karmic account will be used. No one can predict who will win the lottery. But we cannot live in fear, Fear will make us weak. We should worship God not because nothing bad will happen in our life . We worship God for the following reasons: First, I am grateful that you have given me this life.

Second, you should be with me in every situation. Because, neither sorrow nor happiness is permanent. We think there should be no sorrow in life, and only happiness should exist, this is the main struggle in life. That my happiness should stay with me forever and let my sorrow go to others. Suppose, sorrow is a person, and knocking on your door. We do not want to open the door for him, we will close the door as soon as we see him. We will tell him to go elsewhere.

The insurance policy of a person is his good karma and intention behind those actions. If his intentions are right and actions are good, then that person can handle any situation in life. Nature always takes good care of such a person. This is my belief. This is the answer to your question. Next question is: When the Soul is going towards liberation at fast speed does it try to clear the Karmic debt of many past lives in one life? Is this true or does it happen only like this? Suppose you have to dig a hole in the ground. and you need to dig 200 feet for the water. One way is that you have some small tools, and you start digging using them. Maybe you have only a spoon and you are using that to dig.

Those who only do Nitya Karma (daily rituals) and think that Mantra chanting is enough, they are trying to dig a 200 feet deep hole with a spoon. To correct, probably trying to dig a 2000 feet deep hole with a spoon. Another way is a person who is doing some good karma and doing some japa and meditation also, he also has a tool, it will be easier for him to dig that hole.

And there is another person, who is also following his Dharma, meaning, a householder who is fulfilling his duties for the family and to the best of his ability expressing his gratitude to the God and doing good karma also, he will have the tools of all of his family members who he is looking after. One who is doing good deeds with discipline, doing social work, doing some things for others and some for self, and living a truthful life, who not only donates money but also spends money to take good care of this family, Such a person will have a big drilling machine to dig that hole. His drilling speed and precision will be different. One who is associated with the tradition, who has the power of blessings, for such soul there is no other destination than liberation. He has the fastest path to liberation.

One who is living only for himself has only a spoon for digging. The next question is: Is it true that different Yugas (Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug, and Kalyug) are happening in the different parts of the universe? Once, a disciple went to his Guru and asked his Guru whether Heaven and Hell exist in reality. It is a famous Zen story. “Does Heaven and Hell exist?” Guru replied, “Yes, they do”. Disciple asked further “How can I believe this?” Guru replied, “You will not understand this…” “, don’t waste my time by asking such questions”. A disciple was a Major in the Army, He became angry and took out his sword. and said, “No one dared to speak to me like this. You are no guru..” “..I will behead you right now”. Guru said: “This is Hell, what you are experiencing right now is Hell”. The disciple immediately realized his mistake and asked for forgiveness from the Guru.

His mind calms down. The Guru says, “Now, this is Heaven”. So Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug, and Kalyug, not only they exist in the universe but exists in parallel on earth also. You are sitting here in this temple, this is Satyug. Once, you are out of the temple hall, it’s Tretayug Dwaparyug, once you reach the dining hall. and Kalyug once you reach your workplace.

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