Kundalini Yoga

I don’t talk much about Kundalini Because unless someone meditates for 3000-4000 hours, they can’t get the real experience of Kundalini. After meditating for 3000-4000 hours, the Kundalini starts moving towards awakening. Till then, everything remains illusionary.

So, when the Kundalini is awakened, the human attains his real form. Chiti statpadalakshyardha chidekarasa rupini ….Lalitha Sahasranama.80 Mother (maa) is the essence of the mind and the Kundalini is the essence, the summary of that mind. Suman Saar Dipatjya Mukhi.

Kundalini is the essence of the flower. So, there are 3 basic knots involved in Kundalini Sadhna- one is the Brahma granthi, one is the Vishnu granthi and one is Rudra granthi. Brahma granthi is the first one is where the human stops.

They want to create something. It may be their name, money, house, authority or existence. Brahma is the creator. It is a knot here he is stuck, It is a knot where he is stuck. He is trying to open the knot but not everyone can open it. It is not so accessible.

It is a knot, the end of which is not yet available. So, the first knot is- I should create something, I should own something. You don’t own yourself yet you want to own others. First, I should own something. When the human ascends from the first knot, the basic one, comes Swadishthana. What is Swadishthana? It is the genitals, the private parts, sexual organs.

Since, the man’s desire for pleasure is so strong that he is trapped in the Brahma granthi. It is the one that creates and also procreates. Everything a man does, he does with the aim of enjoying life more. Be it sexual enjoyment or sensual enjoyment; just with the senses.

After that, moving up comes the Manipura Chakra. Manipurantarudita vishnugranthi vibhedine….Lalitha Sahasranama.38 Above the Manipura Chakra comes the Anāhata chakra that houses the Vishnu granthi. The Manipura Chakra has global fire. It signifies hunger.

So, after creating something, the man ascends and wants to consume it. Wants to derive pleasure from it. Whatever he gets, he feels it less. Because, however much it is, the hunger is more. Try it sometime, however full you are, after sometime, you will again feel hungry.

As soon as the human transcends the first knot of kundalini, transcends his form, transcends the desire to create, he gets stuck in the Vishnu granthi. He gives up on the idea of creating more, but how can he leave what he has already created.

So, that he wants to save somehow. So, then he moves ahead with the Sadhana and when the Vishnu granthi opens, he realizes that there is nothing to create and nothing to save. This is only a big illusion. There is nothing yet everything just is. Moving further up, comes the Vishuddhi chakra.

This chakra is particularly pure. Only the Supreme Yogi, the Shiva can bear the poison here because if the poison of the thoughts, of the desires goes down, it will spread in the whole body. Everything that goes down the throat to the stomach leaves some dirt.

Some of it will be processed and absorbed by the body and some will be waste, which goes down. In both the cases, it is a problem which needs to be handled. So the Yogi then solidifies his peccancies in the Vishuddhi chakra he neither allows them to move up in the brain like if someone takes drugs, it does not go into their stomach but the fumes or the smell goes directly to their brain.

So, the Yogi, holds it in the Vishuddhi chakra and does neither let it move up nor down. Vishnu cannot do this, cause his work is to steer Brahma cannot do this as his task is to create. Only the destructor can bear this poison and still meditate with smile.

Moving upwards here, comes the Agya Chakra. Agya implies several things. One is order. That this is an order. Agya means absence of knowledge. Here there is no place for knowledge. Here only experience or feeling is significant. So, this is the Agya chakra.

Then come Som, Lalanaa and Guru; the 3 up-chakras; Moving upwards comes Sahasrara. Elixir, keeps on dripping from the Sahasrara. It is a kind of intoxication that some feel for some time while those with awakened Kundalinis remain mostly intoxicated.

To reach that state, one needs to meditate for 10,000 hours. We meditate for 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 or 500 hours and this a very small amount of effort which does not make much difference. You live 480 hours in 20 days. Someone who has lived for 20 or 30 years has lived for thousands of hours. And you think he can awaken the Kundalini with 20-30 hours practice.

The society befools you cause you are ready to be one. Even if you take the most absurd philosophy, you will find some takers. If you tell someone that hugging a tree would rid them off their sins, you will find people ready to hug the tree.

You can find people adopting the most rubbish things. The next is the Rudra granthi, which is our brain. In Buddha’s time; when the Shastras were written, they did not know the importance of the brain. They didn’t know where did the thoughts come from.

But its only here, in the brain. If the brain is dead, thoughts don’t prevail. Yesterday we were talking about Urdha-moolam. So, this is where the desires originate. So, a destructor is needed here. Here only, we need a yogi like Shiva who can contain the Trishul, the ashes and yet sit stable and destroy his own thoughts. Although, here I’m using the word thoughts to indicate only thoughts whereas seven states of knowledge have been described in the Yogic shastras wherein, the first stage is thought.

Thinking, it means contemplating about something, reflecting about something. This is not ordinary. Only humans have this ability. But, with the passage of time, the word thought attained a simple meaning of being only a thought or idea that comes and goes.

So, if we talk about that thought, we need a Shiva here, who can stay stable, someone who is in trance. Someone who can sacrifice when required and can go into recluse. Because the human thoughts originate here only. This is where the notorious mind resides, this is where all tensions surface; this is where everything is experienced. So, this oordhava, mool, root is upwards.

This body in the form of a tree is upwards. The limbs are the branches and the genitals are the fruits as humans experience pleasure through them. The innumerable pores on the body are the leaves of the tree. The veins that are in the leaves are also in your body.

It is a tree of life. asaṅga-śhastreṇa dṛiḍhena chhittvā. ..Bhagavad Gita 15.3 There is only one path. The path of perseverance because who does not like comfort. Everyone likes comfort. Who does not want to sleep comfortably.

Who does not want to not go to work every morning unless he is suffering at home and wants to escape. That is a different thing but if there is comfort at home then who wants to go to work. So, detachment is needed so that man can ascend from attachments and cut the roots; because, how many leaves would you nurture? Rumi used to say, may be what you are searching in the house is in the roots. Whatever you are looking for in the branches will be found only in the roots. Thats Kundalini in the nutshell.

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