I will give a brief answer to your question, because for the detailed answer, I have written about it in my books. Their question is that: In the morning I said that morning that If a Sadhak (practitioner) changes his Dhyana (meditation) techniques then he will be able to progress, But there are many Gurus who say that a sadhak should practice the same meditation technique When the word “should” is used, it becomes very damaging. Because there comes a time when what the sadhak needs now, he does not need it later.

And if he is kept in that “should” constraint forever then he will keep living his life with the feeling of guilt. that “I should have done that but I am not able to do it, That’s why I am a big sinner.” There is nothing that “should” be done. I have not said that this is how it should be done. The person whom I had given this answer has reached such a stage of meditation that if they want to progress then they can do in that way. I have not said it for everyone that they should keep changing their meditation.

It is necessary to set your foot at one place, But, you are still walking on the path of meditation. I am not asking you to leave meditation and count the number of leaves on a tree, that can also be a meditation. It all depends on who you are. “Have you seen sand?” For example, there is a big pile of sand and I ask you to add sugar to it. Add 1 bag of sugar to it and mix it well. And then I ask you to separate the sugar from that mixture. “Can you do it?” It is very difficult, not an easy one. It may take a whole life, but still you cannot say with guarantee that you have separated all the sugar. “Can a strong man or a big animal do this?, Can any outstanding fighter can a mighty person do this?” Leave an ant into that, she will separate the sand from the mixture and will extract all the sugar from it. So an ignorant Guru is one who tells the same remedy for all . A person is given a path depending upon the level of an individual So sometimes a person has to be as strong as an elephant and at other times as small as an ant. The mixture of thoughts is exactly like that. It is not that there are good thoughts stored in a box in one part of the brain, And if you open it, only good thoughts will come out. and there is another pandora box, if opened, will bring out bad thoughts. There are no such compartments in the brain. This is the actual problem. It would have been so easy for an individual if he could compartmentalize his whole life.

A compartment for everything, one for good things, another for bad, for ethical, non-ethical, or right, or wrong etc. This is the whole struggle. Based on this we try to find our path. “Which path is right for me and what will be its benefits? What will I get by Mantra Chanting?, I will sit in meditation for 30 mins but what will I get out of it? What will be the benefit if I follow the path of devotion?” You cannot attain enlightenment like this. To attain enlightenment, you need to remove all the compartments because the ego arises from such compartmentalization. There is no such part in the mind where there are only good thoughts or only bad thoughts.

Thoughts are mixed in the same way as sugar is mixed in the sand. We need to separate it out with a lot of patience. One grain at a time because the ant can only separate one or two grains at a time. If there is 10 kg of sugar in front of an ant in a 100 kg of sand. It is not that she will have a heart attack looking at such a such a large pile WOW, so much sugar How will I take out that much of sand ? She will keep doing her work slowly and slowly. Similarly, a Sadhak is not afraid of how he will complete such a long journey Every day and every moment, he just needs to me mindful of his sadhana. “Will I have a good meditation tomorrow, I don’t know?, Will I have a good meditation in the Evening, I don’t know. But, right now, I have 5 minutes for meditation, I will not give these 5 minutes to anyone.” 5 minutes are not 50, 500 or 5000 mins But it has been said that “Jahaan Kaam Aayegi Sui, Kya Karegi Talwaari” Meaning of it is: “Do not torture the weak”. Where a needle is needed, the sword is useless. To meditate, is a subtle act in itself By subtle, it does not mean intense but simple. But you cannot meditate without awareness. So sometimes when you are on the path of meditation and you are able to meditate for 30, 40 or 45 minutes, and sometimes when your mind and body are tired and you are not able to meditate. In that case you have 2 options: First: you turn on Netflix, Watch and sleep after watching. This is first option: you watched something or searched something, this is also wisdom, this is also a kind of meditation, I watched it with full concentration.

A sadhak came to me once and requested me to give him the sadhana to see past lives. I replied, “I do not feel that you have perfected your posture.” He replied, “I can sit in same posture for 8 hours as you had asked me.” I said, “I do not feel that you can even sit for 80 minutes in one posture.” Because when one starts perfecting his posture, there are changes in his body, This is not only my own personal experience but I have seen it in the people who have progressed on this path. Once a sadhak starts perfecting his posture, his way of sitting, his way of speaking and his way of thinking, all of it changes. Because that person is progressing towards stillness. Only a still person can be situated in the same emotion. I said, “I don’t think your posture is more than 80 minutes, and I am saying this very generously” I am not adding anything to it, this is exactly how this conversation took place. He said: “No Swamiji, six months back you told me to practice, I have practiced it everyday You told me to sit in one posture for at least 4 hours for 40 days But I sat in the same posture for 8 hours every day for 40 days.

” I said: “Look, I don’t want to say such words, but your words are lies. I cannot believe after looking at you that you have perfected your posture for more than 4 hours.” My benchmark for him was 4 hours 36 minutes. He asked: “how can I convince You? I have done it, I sat in this posture daily.” I asked him to show me his posture. He sat in his posture and told me that “At home, I had my laptop on a table in front of me. and the whole day I used to work like this. I would move at all, I would just work like this for 8 hours.” “I used to sit for 8 hours like this.” I said to him “When I was 14 years old or maybe even younger than that, I used to do 8 hour long Yajnas.” When you keep your mind busy with something, Leave alone 8 hours, you can even sit for 18 hours. At that if your hands move, you will not notice it. In Yajnas, you keep moving your hands and body for different things. 6 hours long yajna, I have done it countless times. and we do not call that Sadhana. I have told you to sit in same posture, I told him to sit in a posture for 90 minutes now, “if you can show me, I will tell you how to perfect your posture for 4 hours in just 30 days.” He could not do it It was not like that I observed him for 90 minutes. Later, he accepted that he is not able to do that. Then he said that “let’s forget past lives, there is no point in seeing them.

” When a person starts to sit in the same posture for more than 30, 35 or 40 minutes, and starts reaching the meditative state, I tell such a person that sometimes when the mind and body is tired and he wants to progress on the path of meditation, to change your meditation for some time Rather than not doing it at all. As I was saying, there are 2 options. First, you did not meditate that day. You did something else but not meditation. Secondly, you thought that I would not give up my practice, But what could I do differently so that I can continue my practice? abhyāsena tu kaunteya vairāgyeṇa cha gṛihyate…Bhagavad Gita 6.35 Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that It won’t be possible without practice. It is not possible without detachment. And the beautiful thing is that When a person’s practice increases, his detachment also increases automatically and whose detachment increases, his practice becomes more proficient. So, the path of meditation is the path of meditation only.

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