Anybody can attain mukti. Just like anybody having a mouth can drink water, similarly anyone having a body can attain mukti. Anybody. One is Jeevan mukti and the other is Moksha (salvation) that is attained after death.

Your deeds (karma) do not bring you back on the earth, your desires do. Someone who does not have any desire in his last moments would not come back. Desires are your only reference point that drags you back. Not deeds, otherwise deeds would never end, the tree of deeds would never stop fruition.

So, you need to dry up that land. When the dying human remembers his family or his possessions or property etc., if this does not happen then he is free. So, the letter ‘ksh’ in Sanskrit refers to decadence i.e., destruction, elimination.

Moreover, moh means attachments. So, the destruction of attachments means moksha. Complete eradication of attachments is Moksha. sthita-prajñasya kā bhāṣhā samādhi-sthasya keśhava sthita-dhīḥ kiṁ prabhāṣheta kim āsīta vrajeta kim…Bhagavad Gita 2.54 Krishna, how does the person who attains Samadhi look, how does he sit, move, get up, speak etc. prajahāti yadā kāmān sarvān pārtha mano-gatān ātmany-evātmanā tuṣhṭaḥ sthita-prajñas tadochyate…Bhagavad Gita 2.55 Arjuna, person who does not live for himself, the one who has renounced his deeds has attained Samadhi. jñāna-vijñāna-tṛiptātmā kūṭa-stho vijitendriyaḥ…Bhagavad Gita 6.8 Yogi is the one who is content on all fronts, he does not need anything more.

yukta ityuchyate yogī sama-loṣhṭāśhma-kāñchanaḥ…Bhagavad Gita 6.8 The best Yogi is the one who remains the same in both gold & soil. The person who has attained Samadhi won’t have a tattoo on his forehead saying ‘Samadhist’. I always say, “when you sit next to real fire, you will melt.” What is the power of ghee? How long can it survive? How long can ghee say that it won’t leave its existence? How long can it stay? It depends on the substance. Given enough time, even stone will melt. So, a person who has attained Samadhi is a form of fire and when you attain Samadhi, you become fire.

Fire does not keep anything with itself; thus, it is considered the best, the purest to take ‘ahuti’ to the Gods. Swaaha swadha There is nothing purer than fire and water. So, anyone can attain mukti. It only becomes a concern when the human wants to attain mukti. Mukti is already there. We need to let go of the attachments. We are naturally free. Though, we use the term “attainment of realization” but its not an attainment. Attainment signifies that you have done something.

The human mind is very calculative. Like, If I give 5 hours daily, it would be 1500 hours in a year etc. So, the mind always calculates that if I am giving you an hour then what do I get in return. If I give out Rs. 100 then what do I get. Where all the calculations end, ‘Vipaashya’ or knowledge begins. trai-guṇya-viṣhayā vedā nistrai-guṇyo bhavārjuna, nirdvandvo nitya-sattva-stho niryoga-kṣhema ātmavān…Bhagavad Gita 2.45 Arjuna, rise above the Vedas too because there only will you attain. You have to move away from the books, that is really the essence. I think the core problem is we study in school for 12 years, 3-4 years at the university then we get a job worth 20,000 or 50,000 dollars.

It is only enough to pay your bills and save a bit, if you are lucky. We work so hard only for 2 meals and a roof over our head, then we work everyday for 10 hours. So, do not consider self-realization to be so cheap that you begin today and attain it. Its not possible.

For something, so basic that even an animal does, we spend 15-16 years of life and then toil every day to earn something else no one will give you anything. But, when it comes to spirituality, we want that God should come before us in 1 or 2 hours Satsang. This is not practically possible. So, the problem is that the human does not want to give it time. He wants that God should appear before them. Many people come to me craving for Darshan.

What can you sacrifice for Darshan? yaṁ labdhvā chāparaṁ lābhaṁ manyate nādhikaṁ tataḥ…Bhagavad Gita 6.22 Only the one who considers my attainment as the biggest, even bigger than the attainment of his desires, his ambitions, attains me. And here, we do not intend to sacrifice anything- neither joy nor pleasure and still attain. In this case, even the Guru cannot do anything.

You have to walk the path yourself. If you have to enjoy the dew drops on the green grass then you, yourself will have to walk barefoot on the grass. Only seeing it from above won’t give you any pleasure. So, the human chooses a path, follows it for some time but does not get the attainment, leaves it and looks for other ways and picks and chooses as per his own convenience.

He will not take it in its entirety; if we talk about yoga then, they leave the rules and several other parts and directly sits to meditate thinking that he will achieve something or the other. Either do not adopt a system at all and if you are taking it, adopt it completely; suppose you are learning the alphabet and want to skip A-B-C-D and wish to jump directly to P-Q-R, you will miss a lot and would never be able to construct those sentences that require those letters. Thus, only a sincere seeker reaches the path to Mukti.

Someone asked Buddha, that how much time does it take for self-realization? That time Buddha replied saying that you can think about it like a mountain similar to the mountain Sumeru. There is a small bird with a silk cloth tied to its claws and think about the time that bird will take to fly from the top of the mountain and wipe off the entire mountain with the silk cloth.

It will take that much time. Industriousness or practice has thousand steps and only 1% people set foot on the first step, 99% only keep looking at it. Some will only chant sitting in front of the steps, some will worship the steps and would want to go to heaven right from there, yet others will only sit and criticize the steps. Only a few will set foot on them. If you want to set your foot on that step, you will have to leave the ground, sacrifice something to set first foot on the first step. But, only when you are ready to let go of the ground completely, only then can you set your second foot on the first step. We want to be standing on the ground and climbing the step too.

That is not possible. So, like the one out of a hundred who sets foot on the first step, out of ten thousand such people reach the second step. Honestly, if I tell you the truth, it won’t be any exaggeration that out of a hundred crores, one person reaches the third or fourth step with great difficulty and only one in thousand or two thousand years, reaches the top. How many Einsteins, Eddisons, or Buddhas are there in the society? Only one such person appears in an era. So, those who considered their work as their practice and were immersed in it, gave something to the society. Lot of people who reach the second step and see several crore people standing below and are not climbing, they will only greet them and leave. That is how it really works. There are always people who misinterpret the meaning of scriptures.

No where in scriptures, it is written that the life of a householder is not good. Rather, it is not written anywhere that one should become a sage at a young age. So, moksha has not been glorified but it has been deemed as the highest goal possible; why because though life is not bad but this world is mostly the house of sorrows. You have to keep living according to the other person to keep them happy. It is a fundamental rule. If you start living your life according to your own heart, there will be stress whether with family members or people around you.

You need to work as per the society so the scriptures thought that does life only mean coming and going. So, the scriptures thought of giving meaning to life because the Vedic religion was visionary so, it deciphered that if each human in the universe would live only for himself then there will only be sorrows all around. So, they thought that humans should step forward towards the society; that is mukti. Something that I am not doing for myself but for someone else, I’m doing it in the feeling of moksha. Everyone lives for himself.

Those who live for themselves have a very basic characteristic. Lot of people work for the society but they do it for their own ego. This is just a sense of pride that people have but they do not get involved in any groundwork then it merely becomes ego. So, the human who lives for himself- whose whole world revolves only around him has a basic characteristic- that he is always restless. The one who lives only for himself will always be restless and unhappy. They feel unhappy for meagre things- not out of sensitivity, good human beings are sensitive, but out of anger and ego. The more someone lives for others, the greater he becomes.

Forget about meditation and books etc, just start living for other people, people who do not belong to your family or related to you with blood stream, the nature will start fulfilling all your desires. Nature will give you everything you can possibly even imagine because you are of prime interest to nature at that point of time because you are working for the progress of the universe. Nature protects everything that helps the creation to move forward. First, it will give you the capacity then it will make you work. All the best people in this world have never been able to sit comfortably; Dalai Lama, I respect him a lot-he is a very simple man.

I think he was 24 in 1959, when he came to India from Tibet covered in a cloth as the Chinese planes were tracking him from above as he was the head and since then till date, he has been going around spreading the message of peace and Buddhism. Still he is not resting. So, if the nature gives someone capability, it ensures good work from them. And the nature gives capacity only to those who are willing to share it with others and not use it only for themselves. The ones who live only for themselves will never be at peace.

I do not believe that you can be free only after you take a certain number of births. 8.4 million species, eighty four lakh species have been described. But, I believe that even among the humans there are 84 lakh kinds of humans- 84 lakhs types of consciousness. Some people are very soft-hearted, live their life like a cow, some are like wolves, some hit like tigers; each one has a different level of consciousness. So, the higher the level of your consciousness, the more evolved you will be, the better you will be able to empathize with another person.

A person who beats his wife daily cannot be a human being. The lesser a person is concerned about a hungry person and is not inclined to feed him then his level of humanity stoops down. Godliness-Humanity-Animity. Animals live only for themselves. However, that life is not bad in itself but thus, it is compared with that of an animal that if you never did anything for anyone else then why have you come to the Earth? If you cannot give water to a thirsty human, it does not make sense if you offer nectar to God. Ehether Krishna or Buddha or Mahaveer or any other saint, they lived for others and that is why they gave something to the society.

Some one had asked me this in Canada that Buddha left his home, even Mahaveer left his family, Jesus was crucified what did the society gain from this? He said that because Buddha left his home, he got attainment, is it right. I said, his attainment had also caused pain to his family but because of all this fifty crore people on earth are inspired. They are taking inspiration from Buddha, whenever they are unhappy, they get joy from Buddha. So, there is no real world possible without sacrifice. There is nothing without sacrifice.

Day before yesterday, only I was telling someone Gentle men do not give up their gentleness under any circumstances. Sant na chhode santati, Jo kuchh hoi sang; Chandan vish vyape nahin, Lipatte rahe bhujang. Snakes keep clinging to the Sandalwood tree but it does not make the Sandalwood tree poisonous, and if it becomes poisonous then its not a Sandalwood tree. If someone tells you harsh words and you retaliate then you are not a saint.

Your greatness lies in being stable and not retaliate. Once you achieve this state then none’s mistake is bigger than yours. Then you live at another level. You work at a different level. Hardwork persists but there is no struggle of any kind. Whatever you think will manifest.

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