Peace of mind

The effortless way of attaining peace of mind. The easiest way to attain peace of mind, in my opinion is that the human should stop listening to the mind. If you do not listen to the mind, it is peaceful. The mind creates noise when it is heard.

To understand the mind, you need to think of a small child. Like, when a small child is creating noise in the room and the parents still continue with whatever they are doing like watching TV or eating or fighting or anything. The child is doing its work and the parents are doing theirs. But, the moment they pay attention to the child, he/she will do things that he/she was not doing earlier because he has attained his purpose. He wants your time and you have given it to him/her.

Likewise, if you hear what your mind is telling you, it will start making louder noise. This is the most critical aspect of the mind. When someone says something to you which you don’t like, your mind will start saying that the other person did not respect you at all or how they are.

That time, if you do not pay any heed to what your mind is saying, all those feelings will get buried then and there. But, if at that time, you listen to your mind get into the grip of the mind, the mind won’t leave you without you abiding by what it says. The mind captures the one who listens to it. It is that small child that asks you for a small chocolate and you initially deny but later give in, the child now knows that after the initial denial, you will give in so the next time it asks for a bigger chocolate and the magnitude of the demand increases subsequently.

So, once you deny something, deny it absolutely without any leeway because if you give it a leeway, the mind starts chattering again. If the mind starts talking and you hear it, the mind will not be silent. At times, you cannot ignore the mind, here it becomes like the child who creates a fuss publicly. When the mind holds a feeling and throws tantrums, that time the mind becomes wayward and then at that point of time, neither anger nor fear is effective.

That time the mind has to be enticed, like the small child. The child will get a treatment later but that time the goal is to take it away from there. So, the human who learns the art of distracting the mind when it is holding on to a feeling, will not be unhappy for long. Some people, as you must have seen stay unhappy all their life, incidents as old as 20 years affect them like fresh happenings. They do not let the incident fade. There are others who are unhappy for a short while and then when they become normal again, they do not carry any anger for anyone in their mind.

For this, the biggest art is to learn to talk with your own mind, to converse with the mind. The person who knows the art of conversing with the mind, his/her mind will listen to him/her. The secret is that sometimes, you should listen to your mind and at others, your mind listens to you. You cannot always suppress the mind. I have written a book about parenting, it has a chapter-“Say Yes more than you say No”. Usually, whatever the child asks for, the answer is no at first and then a yes. This is an automatic response of the parents. They always assume that whatever the child is asking for or demanding is wrong as he/she is our child. So, if you keep saying ‘no’ to your mind always, it will revolt some day.

People who are addicts or those who suffer emotional depression; I’m not talking about clinical depression here as it can purely be a disorder of the brain; suffer as they have never heard their mind or have always oppressed it. They have oppressed themselves life long so much that their mind now acts like a small child who was scolded and is now sitting alone in the corner either asking you to hear it or it may stop talking to you completely. So, you should converse with your mind- sometimes you hear your mind and at others the mind hears you. Like for example if your mind asks you for a pizza, you can give it the pleasure sometimes because if you constantly deny all the pleasures to your mind with the thought that by doing this, you are progressing on the spiritual path, your mind loses itself. Therefore, the easiest way of achieving peace of mind is to either not hear your mind at all; a better situation is knowing when to hear it and even better is knowing when you need to talk to your mind. This is the crux.

If we say, that you attain peace of mind by meditating, meditation will not bring you peace of mind, if we put it to chant, it will be at peace for sometime, if we put ourselves to service, until the time we derive pleasure from service, the mind will be at peace and later will again be restless. And the mind has the right to become restless. whatever best you give yourself, some day you will fall ill.

You might have small ailments like cold, cough etc, but this does not mean that the body is unhealthy, it is like a season of the nature that comes and fades away. Similarly, the mind has several colors, at times, it is very good, very sweet, very appropriate and at others bad, bitter or inappropriate. These are the colors of the mind and the one who learns to play with these will have a colorful life.

This is the most effortless measure of attaining the peace of mind, there is nothing more than this and nothing less because wherever you go, your mind is with you. You cannot run away. And this is the effort. As it is said- Kasturi kundal base, (Meaning: A deer has the fragrance in itself ..) mrag dhundhat ban mahi (..and runs throughout the forest for finding it.) the opposite also holds true, that all the sorrows are within us and we are seeking happiness outside. All the garbage lies within us and we are looking for perfume outside. Everything is inside, so if you purify the inner self, there is peace everywhere, except a few places. But if you don’t purify the inner self, there is unhappiness everywhere; because the state of our mind determines our nature, our nature determines our tendency, our tendency determines our perception and our perception determines our thinking which in turn determines our way of working.

Our Karmas determine the fruits we get and if that fruit is good, it gives happiness to the human else it causes unhappiness. This is the basic of the mind and all the resources and practices are created to make the mind happy. Just like the parents of the young child does everything just to hear the child say that his/her parents have taken good care of him/her and that he/she is happy but the child is always dissatisfied and keeps complaining.

The moment you realize that the mind is on the path of constant complaining, it should be tamed else, if you allow it to complain, it will constantly complain without any end. Either it has to be heard or it will complain. So, when the mind complains, we should stop it there and do whatever is right. At times, when the mind is right, it should be encouraged.

This way, gradually, the mind becomes pure without any covering or sludge; and only a pure mind is peaceful. This is the reason why Devi ma has so many beautiful names- Nirlepa Nirmala Nitya Nirakara Nirkula Nirguna Nishkala Sharda; these are all the feelings of the mind. So, that is the answer.

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