Real Death Data is hiding In Bihar

According to some media reports the real data of covid-19 is hiding by the government of bihar.

According to govt reports 35 casualties founds but 74+ death has been mentioned accoding to covid-19 protocol.

in 2nd stage there is very high rate of covid infectius also hiding their deatg number even we have to wait 6-4hrs at pyres centre to complete nex.

According to govt reports 35 death were found 29 in govt hospital and 6 in private hospital.

But in other cementry 74 are in and also 115 will reoorted ysterday nights.

According to report of Dainik bhaskar in last 15days 1033 casulties has been found.In past 15days 452 death are due to covid-19.

At 28 april media reports on 2cdmentry 100 + dead bodies.

Madhepurs ex prliament papu yadav said that govt hidding the real death records sd from his phone make 65 bodies ..

Papu yadav also states that evry day ,150+ died body are found in cementry .

Papu yadav got angry allthough 15000 cases were found 152 deaths and all actuve cases are more than 1 lakh.

He also anger and govt and told they should be burnbthrre they all are nrlrglecting and hiding this situation.

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