Main Ganesha murti at the Broome Street Temple, decorated for Ganesh Chathurti 2011

This question was raised earlier as well. “What is our parampara (lineage) and from where did it originate from?’ Had behad dono taje, takee mata agaadh One who knows where to add limits and where to remove them the one who knows where to have limits and where not to have limits, his knowledge is profound.

So Lord Shiva said that sacrifice /self-restraint is necessary for a person. and that is how he lived his life like that only. The master of all sources, creation, who could create anything, he spent his whole life living in caves, jungles, and in the cremation ground.

He gave this knowledge, the mantra, to Maa Parvati. Slowly overtime , that mantra reached the best Tantriks. Then it came to Parashara rishi, who then took it from The Atharva Veda and gave it to Ved Vyas Ji. From Ved Vyas Ji, it kept passing on from generation to generation. About 500 years ago, when Guru Nanak Dev Ji came, one of Guru Nanak’s children was Sri Chandra, a Naga saint.

In Naga tradition, the mantra that was passed on from Ved Vyas Ji and his disciples was passed on two different sides on one side Devi’s mantra was passed on, and on the other side Lord Shiva’s mantra was passed on Baba Sri Chandra Dev gave Lord Shiva’s mantra to his disciples. and he created a new sampradaya (lineage) with the name Udasin sampradaya. When the confluence of the three rivers namely, Ganga, Jamuna, and Saraswati happened, Om Swami is attached to that lineage. and Naga Baba took initiation in Aghori tradition from Saint Harinama Das Gauri and he spent 8 years in the cremation ground due to that.

He got the sadhana of Sri Vidya from a Buddhist Lama (Spiritual Guru), due to which he lived for 12 years in a Shakti Pitha. He got initiation in Vatsalya Bhava (Considering God as your child) and Bhakti (devotion) from Saint MohanDas Udasin He was his guru and used to live in Vrindavan. It is like many ingredients are mixed together to make a pudding. Same way, by being attached to different lineages (or traditions) it becomes an amazing bouquet of flowers. I have to see from that bouquet what will work in the present time. Based on that, I started my sadhana. All this had happened prior to my main sadhana.

So, I started my sadhana, That sadhana included the sadhana of Lord Shiva, Shakti (Divine Mother) and the Usain tradition. Apart from that, as I have written in my memoir, my elder uncle was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and what he gave me at that time. From all these various sadhanas a mixture got formed. And once I was in Badrinath, Bhairavi

Ma also added few things in it, not only from her words but she also gave me a mantra. Naga baba was initiated in Naga tradition by a Naga Sadhu from which he got Shabar Mantras. So when I left for my sadhana, Since Bhairavi Ma had also met me before my main sadhana I had some mantras of Tantra, some mantras from the Vedas, some Shabar Mantras, and some from my sadhana in this life and previous lives. I took these collective mantras and sat in a cave to attain one pointed concentration.

There I awakened the Lalita Sahasranama and the mantra given by Bhairavi Ma. And after that when I came to the woods and I awakened Vedmata Gayatri there, and also mastered the technique to talk to my deity. Once I awakened Vedmata Gayatri then all questions and answers became clear to me. Then I had no doubt about whether my inner voice was giving me the answer to my question or not During this time, I awakened the Vishnu Sahasranama also.

After that I started my main sadhana, which is the sadhana of Sri Vidya. Once the sadhana of Sri Vidya got completed then as per Vedic rituals and also by the order given to me by Ma Sri Tripura Sundari, I went to Kamakhya Peetha, I have written about this in my memoir as well. There I got initiation in Tantra from which a completeness came in my sadhana. The circle got completed by that. After that I spent some more time in solitude, as I have written, it was difficult for me to talk and function in the world.

Then I went to Rudranath, First, I went to Bengal, there I awakened one mantra for Lord Ganesha, Then I went to Rudranath and completed my sadhana there. And then I came back to this Ashram. Here, for 8 months I had only fruits and vegetables, Although there were no fruits here at that time, Mostly, I had potatoes and beans. In those 8 months, I awakened the fifteen Nityas mentioned in Sri Vidya.

So, the tradition (lineage) took a new form from here. ūrdhva-mūlam adhaḥ-śhākham aśhvatthaṁ prāhur avyayam chhandānsi yasya parṇāni yas taṁ veda sa veda-vit…Bhagavad Gita 15.1 ūrdhva-mūlam Lord Krishna says to Arjuna: the root of this tree is upside-down, adhaḥ-śhākham aśhvatthaṁ prāhur avyayam The root of this tree of life is upside-down All the roots are here (in the head) And human body parts are branches of that tree. And he gets all the pleasures from its fruits.

Similarly, various traditions became branches of a tree that is upside-down. Its roots and trunk are made of all those traditions. In the tree of tradition. So, the mantra which is being used, If I say it is continuing from last 5000-10000 years, then it may not be true, It is much more ancient and it is not written anywhere passed from one generation to another only orally, That is why I think a lot before giving mantra to anyone, Mantra of Isht (deity) for main sadhana can’t be given before 4th level of initiation. It is not that I do not give mantras to anyone.

Main thing is: What are the sentiments behind that mantra. Because it’s a heritage of tradition. It is heritage of many Sages, I have not created those mantras. If those mantras are given to anyone without any consideration, then there will not be any benefit to the receiver nor will there be any benefit of blessings given based on that mantra. Because problems never end. If mantras are used to solve problems, then what have you earned? You can check any Sage or ten gurus of Sikhism, they have not used any mantra to solve others’ problems. This thinking is very social, earthly-minded and business thinking.

That I can have such a transaction with God that I have chanted your mantra, then you should do this work of mine. It means whatever you chanted earlier was a lie. Earlier you said, you were doing it for the grace. That is why in the science of mantra, whether it is initiation or any sadhana, sankalp (vow) is of great importance. In initiation when disciple tells his Guru that: “I am completely surrendering to you”, these words are enough for me. If he/she is not surrendering, that’s his/her problem. His words are becoming lie. His sadhana is deteriorating. I cannot do anything about that. If I have told someone that: “I will not leave your side, and have accepted you as a disciple and from now on I am responsible for all your deeds” then Om Swami sticks to his word without any doubt.

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