Self Confidence

so,her question is back then in the meeting room she said she puts in her best effort but her teacher does not appreciate her work.

when we are young very young like even younger than you but perhaps your age .when we are like between the age of 6 and 16 or even 6 to 16 there are 20 we have a lot of dreams and the most beautiful thing about life is at that time that you actually believe in your dreams.

Those dreams are very real for you from one moment to the next from one day to the next you actually believe that one day those dreams will come true and in your dream world there is always only joy happiness ‘

There is certainly no school no studies no mathematics no physics no chemistry there is only fun plenty of fun you are doing the things you love to do even if you don’t know what it is that you love to do you imagine you keep that GRA that there will be only good things in my world.

so’ life is a fairy tale in this age as we grow older things begin to shift a little we start coming across people .

Who a don’t share our dream with us for them they think you don’t know what real life is and we come across those people who tell us that your dreams don’t have any meaning and then we come across some good people as well you say well no don’t worry keep working you will get there we also come across those people who put us down.

Who say look no you’re no good and I’m not gonna do this and do that and the other and we also come across those who don’t appreciate our work and then our dreams are shaken.if we are weak they are shattered but nobody can take your dreams away from you no one never give anybody the power to take away your dream from you .

when I was your age I wanted to learn drawing and I was a very quiet kid very serious very quiet I never made ruckus anywhere in my whole life ;

so, we started going to a teacher a drawing teacher he would assign me work and I would finish it like once or twice a week I don’t remember now it started go he’ll say draw a box I’ll go back here’s a boxer he’ll say draw a flowerpot here’s a flowerpot draw a landscape okay here’s a landscape whatever he would give me.

I would do it and then just three or four weeks later he said to me I’m not going to teach you and I said why like what happened he said I don’t teach boys and her discrimination but you could have been more subtle about it.

so ,I said why what have I done he said I don’t teach boys they’re very naughty very mischievous I said look I haven’t done anything I’ve been quiet as a mouse I show up I do my job I I write back home he said no.

I cannot teach you and that was the end of my dream of painting I never painted after that very rarely I draw a sketch but never did so one person or one family or one group or one country or one world never give anybody the power to break your dream and how do they break your dream they do it by first not appreciating your work they do it by telling you you can’t do it they do it by always giving examples of those.

who are doing it better than you they do it by always telling you no no no don’t do this do something else what they couldn’t do they want you to do that but sometimes not always sometimes it does not hurt to pay attention because sometimes they may be genuine well-wishers they may actually be looking at you and saying mmm I don’t think you’re cut out for it or maybe you need to improve.

When we would go for a painting competition one of my friends in school actually he was here last year and they all showed up here one day so his name was param par and he was exceptional in painting light .

what he was so good in watercolor paints he could paint with his eyes closed practically and we would all go to a painting competition would all huddle around him because we knew when he would start to paint everybody would come looking for him and then they’ll also see us we thought you know we’ll tag along piggyback on his skills so he would would all open white sheets and we’ll start doodling but he would start painting and wherever he would go it was a given he’s is going to be the first he was was going to the first price I don’t remember any competition where he didn’t get either first or second and I don’t remember any competition where I got any price I never got any in any of the painting competitions ever but she like kept going I would sit next to him at least they’ll come.looking for him actually I got won second prize in a caricature drawing competition so he he was there and he would start to paint and the colors would flow out of his brush like anything the sheet that that paint that drawing sheet whatever it’s called would come alive so if in such a scenario if I expected at that time that I would be sitting there and people would come and appreciate my work then I was over imagining things because I didn’t do something so bad enough for anybody to say hey great painting instead they might have said what are you doing here I think go home do something else so sometimes when people don’t appreciate your work maybe the work actually needs improvement so the first thing is why are they not appreciating my work but you know what’s even more important what’s even more important is to not let it affect you because what is more important is to be able to say to yourself I did the best I could if that is not good enough .

for somebody I am going to analyze how I can do it better but I’m not going to let that ruin my piece so when you go out in the school or when tomorrow you will you are the you know future of this world when you will step into the real world and start to do things take it as a given that they are not going to appreciate your world and if it happens good if it doesn’t happen we don’t work because we want it to be appreciated we work because we want to work thousands of people read my books but some like it some don’t like it some are quiet about it some go and and I share their review or perspective but some don’t it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate it doesn’t mean the appreciate doesn’t mean anything I’m not writing a book to thinking in my mind okay whether I’ll somebody will appreciate it or not so there is one more example I’d like to give you here and I don’t know if I’ll be able to you know get it across the way I’m hoping I should be able to when I was working when you are working in a corporate corporate means a company right and the higher up you are the less your work is appreciated it’s very cutthroat at that level it’s not this dog-eat-dog it’s like I need everybody something like that so they never appreciate your work you deliver on a project you will be lucky to get a smile from the board they because very hard nosed people very uptight Wow so I used to think this way that nobody has to say thank you Wow you did a wonderful job I don’t care my job is to deliver and the way they’re appreciating is they are paying me a salary if I am getting paid that’s the depreciation then they didn’t say anywhere in the employment contract or consulting agreement that as part of this every day we’ll sit you down and do your oddity it was er to nowhere that we will really speak very highly of you will sing your glories will tell you how great you are how this world is just such a beautiful place with you in it how you’re the center of this universe and how we just don’t deserve to teach you or be with your work with you none of that was written in the contract the contract said we’ll pay you X thousand dollars per day and you’re going to deliver on this project period so appreciation when we do something because we want appreciation we are already starting out on the wrong foot it’s good if she doesn’t appreciate you.

say, I am going to keep doing what I’m doing and I’m going to do it so well one day the world may take notice but it doesn’t matter there was a scientist in Russia second time today I can recall the Russian name but I dunno Vladimir’s routine so so he won a Nobel Prize only one of the two people in the history to do what he did he won a Nobel Prize in for science and guess what he did he said I’m not going up there it’s not a circus that I have to show my act .

what do I care if one committee of seven or ten people have said oh you’ve done amazing work I don’t know I know I’ve done amazing work I don’t need them to tell me he didn’t go he turned it down look at that strength of individual individuality and of course the height of craziness both may be ego bigger than the Himalayas .

But, he said I don’t care I am proud of my work that’s all that matters so you need to put your best foot forward and be proud of it if you don’t give up if you keep on working at whatever it is that you’re working.

one step at a time one day you will arrive at a juncture where you will have outperformed yourself well you would have outlasted all your critics where you have done everything that came your way and the way to do that is to believe in yourself and be realistic about it.

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