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The question is what kind of spiritual meditation should the human do in life? The human thinks that meditation is the path of fulfilling whatever lack he/she is feeling in life from the spiritual perspective or from any other perspective.

Probably, the emptiness or incompleteness I feel will be complete through meditation. But, there is no guarantee for this. The meditation that brings morality and happiness to the human is best. The happier we become, better is our meditation.

Here, a big question arises that many people feel happy by making others unhappy. This is not true. No one can be happy by making another sad. We might feel that the other person is happy; but the person who is happy by making others sad is also unhappy on the inside.

In all circumstances, we do only what we know. So, before treading any path, we should know our motive. Why do you want to get into meditation? Isn’t staying in the world itself a meditation? That is also a meditation. Does meditation only mean chanting mantras? That is merely a type of meditation. The toughest form of meditation is to get rid of your tendencies. Tendencies form our notions, our notions form our thinking and that is what forms our perspective about everything in life.

Then, that appears true to us. So, the toughest meditation is to get rid of our tendencies. And the human cannot get rid of all tendencies in a moment. If you really want to work on this path with awareness then you have to get hold of a tendency that troubles you most.

Whether it is anger, lust, or ego. Like, gossiping or talking ill about someone is a tendency or just being angry without any reason is a tendency. So, one should identify a tendency and decide not to do it for the coming 10 days or 20 days or a month or six months.

Whatever I have achieved in my life, I have achieved it through resolve as nothing happens without resolve. If I have to do something then I first resolve that I have to do it. Then, once I resolve, I can die but not stray from my resolve. So, in the past 37 years, my mind has gradually understood that when I resolve, it is absolute nonsense arguing with me. So, the mind is quiet and lets me do what I have to. So, you have to strengthen your resolve. Meditation gives you this strength. It strengthens your will power which in turn strengthens your actions. Whatever the practice, actions drive humans on the path of success.

Mere thinking cannot make you successful. It takes actions, the willingness to work to succeed. Whenever a seeker or an ordinary human decides to do something, he/she first imagines the outcome. Dreaming about the outcome is one thing but realizing it requires tireless actions.

So, when you start treading a path whether it is meditation or anything else, you give 3-4 hours to it every day, at least for the initial 4 years do not expect success. It takes the initial 4-5 years to understand how to make efforts; then it becomes effortless.

In that situation, when the human starts taking action and practices, it happens effortlessly and then it starts fruition. Even if we want to be in solitude for long, we start to get result in 4-5 months. The initial 10-15-20 days go in adjusting. The mind and body both adjust then you adapt to the new type of food. After 4 or 5 months, the human starts considering that space as his own.

Otherwise, it is just like moving from one hotel to another. As we were discussing yesterday that, we should not be confused about meditation. We need to be clear if we are meditating for happiness or for attainment or to be successful in the worldly life. Then, choose a suitable practice. If you want to do a small experiment then you should not trouble the holy mother.

She won’t even come without a very strong practice. For small experiments like the desire of money, go and meditate at the burial sites and chant Sagarmanthan, you will surely find a way. So for the kind of meditation to be practiced, the outcome should be known. In a book, I had written that a learner of chess asks the guru about the best move in chess. To this the master says that there is no such move in chess which is appropriate, benefitting and best in all situations and time. It completely depends on the situation and time. And this, the continuous purification of a human is the most difficult of all. Trying to rise above himself.

And that, according to me is practice, rest are all ceremonies. Staying calm in every situation is the real bliss. Sacrificing something is very easy, it strengthens the ego. Like I will not have tea or I won’t earn money; it also does strengthen your will power but it is very easy. Detachment is difficult. Staying calm in every situation; like its fine whether I get this or not. Like, if I get a dry chapatti today, its fine; next day I get one with ghee, that is also fine, the next day again, it is dry, yet another day if you get a dry one you should ask the one making it. Though it is on a lighter note, there is a message in it. Detachment does not mean tolerating everything; there is another word for it-foolishness.

Detachment only means that we do not get troubled in adversities. It means that during adversities we should not forget the beautiful world around us, the beauty of our life, the beautiful people around us and the beautiful memories we have created. Thats really what I mean. That is the answer to your question. You should choose a meditation that you can do with all your heart and soul.

There are several aspects of practice that might tire you, cause you sufferings like body ache or stomach ache etc. So, you should be ready to accept these and then start your practice. When you want to do something you find a way, but if you don’t, you find an excuse. I think Martin Luther King said it I don’t remember. But he said something far more beautiful. I read this quote in Sydney many years ago, in 1999 I read it. He said. “Some men see things as they are and say why? Others dream of things that never were and say why not?” If you want to tread an easy path, there is none. It is not even easy to be lazy because everyone will point that you are very lazy; but hearing that again and again and still being lazy also requires a lot of strength. People surrounding you will not let you live.

Even if you are doing things but you are lazy in someone’s eyes, that person will keep pestering you saying that you should do something, that you should wake up at 6 or 4 in the morning. Even when you are doing your things properly, people will poke you. So, there is nothing easy in life. Wherever there are 2 minds, there will be 3 opinions. If there are conflicts in our opinion, it does not mean that one is right and the other is wrong, everyone can have an opinion and it is fine. We want to use swords to fight, they want to use the cosh; nothing is wrong as they have their specialization and we have ours. It is what it is, not much can be done about it.

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