Staying Happy

The question of staying happy all the time please know that this it is impossible It is not possible that you can stay happy all the time. If there is something wrong with you then only you can stay happy all the time as he does not understand what is going on in society.

A person with a stable mind cannot stay happy all the time. It’s not possible. When you are not happy, do not feel bad about it you are not a bad person, when not happy, Tell yourself that it is okay. This is one of those moments where I am not happy, No Problem. This is not the first time it has happened There have been many such moments Where I was not happy and this shall pass too. Usually, when we are not happy, we look at everything from a questionable point of view.

That why is life like this, Why is society like that? Why is my family like this or why is everything like that? Then we go into contemplation where there is more worry than the contemplation And then the happiness disappears because there is no happiness in that thinking Happiness is either in the hope, Or in those thoughts in which we visualized getting the thing that we wanted to get and we feel happy thinking about that.

Nothing of that sort will happen We feel happy when everything is going according to us. But that happiness is also for a very short time. The most depressed people I have seen are the ones who are well-off from every aspect of their life Because they have no reason to have any sorrow That is why they don’t know how to stay happy. When whole day there is daylight And there is no night then how will you realize the feeling of day?

When night falls, we wait for the sun to rise So that we will sit in the sunlight and feel good during the day. But if the night does not come, then all the days will be the same. My point is that if there are no sorrows or adverse situations in life, if there are no challenges in life then life is not worth living. If there is nothing, what will you live for? If there are no problems left to solve then life itself becomes a problem.

When there is no burden to carry in life, then life becomes a burden. There was a person in Akbar’s time and it was famous about him that if anyone sees that person’s face in the morning, his whole day will go waste and something bad will definitely happen to him. There are such people, I have heard. So something bad will happen to that person. Akbar said that is all rubbish I do not believe in such superstitions. Birbal replied “Ok, My Lord, but we have heard about this thing.” Akbar ordered to bring that man in front of him.

Akbar said “when I wake up tomorrow morning, that person should be standing outside my room and send him in when I call for him.” That man began to tremble as he was called by the King of India. Next day this man was standing with folded hands in front of Akbar. Akbar looks at the man for a while And then tells him to leave. The person leaves. As soon as Akbar started to walk, his foot hits the bed. and his toe gets injured. It was very painful. Akbar thought that this man is really weird, I just saw him, and I got hurt Akbar thought that it could very well be my delusion Then he started getting ready for the day One of his assistants who used to put the hot water for him Accidentally put more warm water. Because his hand was hot, and he could not feel the temperature of the water properly and Akbar got little burned. Luckily, Akbar did not sentence him to death.

Then his cook mistakenly put more Salt in the food. As everyone was already scared since morning, Everyone came to know that Akbar is not in a good mood today. So, everyone was scared and they were making mistakes after mistakes By the evening, Akbar’s toe was swollen and had turned blue. Akbar ordered to hang that person and he said to Birbal that “I agree that these things happen and he is a miserable person.” “if someone sees his face, they will have a bad day.” Next day, everything was ready to hang that person.

They asked him what was his last wish. He said, “I want to be hanged in front of Akbar”. Akbar reaches there. That man starts to laugh when he is about to be hanged Akbar says that this is very strange That he is laughing, when he is about to die. “Ask him, why is he laughing?” The person replies “My King, when you saw my face, your toe got hurt” “But, I am about to get hanged after seeing yours.” I saw your face as soon as I woke up in the morning and now I am getting hanged soon. So, I believe that there are actually such people if you see their face in the morning then your whole day goes bad. I heard that yesterday all your helpers and cook and all made mistakes and got into trouble, Since, I saw you before anyone else, Then may be the effect got reduced when it reached to them Birbal also started laughing. Akbar ordered to free that man. So, if you are happy, ask yourself, ”What happened today?” Suddenly how strange happened, how I became a virtuous character Why am I happy today?

If you are sad, tell yourself that today is a normal day. You know what will happen with that? You will start to stay happy most of the time. we all live with the sense of entitlement that we have done a big favour by taking birth on this earth We are here now so everyone should take care of us We are the centre of the universe But if we move on thinking that it does not matter if I am unhappy today, no problem, it will be fine tomorrow. if not tomorrow then it will be fine the day after. For how long can anyone cry?

For how long can anyone stay sad? For how long can anyone stay hungry? People dying from hunger strike, I have heard only one or two in the last 100 years So many people go on hunger strike that If their demands are not met they will give up their life I have not seen anyone dying. Someone will come and save them at some point Whether that person is 80 years, 90 years, or 50 years old So, it’s ok, not to be ok.

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