The Goal of Life

What is the goal of human life? Goal of human life is to be happy. However, I read somewhere, that happiness is never a pursuit. We cannot run behind happiness. When something is our destination or aim, we go behind it or if I may say that we go towards it. However, happiness is such a thing in life that you cannot go behind. It is something that follows us. It’s not a pursuit, it’s something that ensues.

Happiness follows us. So, this implies that to stay happy, we have to do something so that happiness comes to us. If in a dark night, you walk with a lamp in your hands, several small organisms will come following you seeing the light. It happens automatically. If you walk with light, the insects and moths will automatically be attracted to it. Similarly, in the journey of life, you will attract things similar to the things you carry.

If you carry a lot of ego, you will attract anger; if you carry hatred, you will attract grief or restlessness; if you carry mercy, you will attract joy, if you carry morality, you will attract peace. If there is peace in mind, there is contentment too. If you carry mindfulness then its natural that your life will become easier. Then the feelings of happiness will automatically come in your life, before that it will not come. Like many people make a mistake that when they start working or doing a business, do it to earn a lot of money; many people take up jobs to earn a lot of money which you might get but if you work for money, you will get less money.

If you have something the society needs and you work for that, money will follow. If you work for happiness, you will get less happiness. However, if you do something, the outcome of which is happiness then you will automatically get happiness. If a person is sad and we tell him/her to not be sad then will that person be fine? If a person is angry and we ask them to be calm, they become angrier; then they say that they are calm and not angry. Feelings neither occur nor disappear when directed.

So, the goal of human life is to live the present moment completely. 2 days back someone was singing the beautiful song ’kal ho naa ho’ here; tomorrow may or may not come. Moreover, there is one thing that if you understand, you will understand many things. When the soul goes from one body to the other, it does not have any knowledge about the past life. We believe that we have started a new life. I mean to say that the decrepitude of anything comes from its memory. If there’s no previous memory then it’s new.

However, thinking that my life is just one. Suppose a person’s age is 70 years then thinking that those 70 years is only 1 life is the biggest ignorance because we hold on to our memories and believe that we are living 1 life. Just because we have memories and we preserve them, we think it’s one life; however, our life starts anew every day. Forget every day, with every second, every breath, a new life begins because that is the interval; if you breathe in and don’t breathe out you are dead and if you breathe out and don’t breathe in again, you are dead. So, we are reborn with every breath we take and life moves on. So, life is this very moment. But, we will be paying today for something we did yesterday. The food we ate an hour ago is now satisfying us. Whatever we did yesterday is to be paid for today and whatever we are doing now shall be paid for tomorrow.

Therefore, nobody can probably tell you what the goal of human life should be; it should be different for everyone. But, if we are not enjoying life while alive then we are not doing the right. Problems will continue forever; conditions will always be opposing in life; there will always be some people who you are not happy with, some you will be happy about, some you would want to not have in your life; some you would want to have in your life. Every day you will have a few moments that you would not like, there will be some you will be attached to; life will continue that way only.

When those moments come that, you do not want then we should remember the good moments that we spent in life. Else life will become a burden and you will experience more problems. Just observe that when a person is sad, it is very difficult to remember the happy moments. Its difficult and you keep experiencing grief and the person thinks that nobody has a worst life than himself. Moreover, when someone is happy, it is very difficult to feel another person’s grief. When you are happy and someone cries before you, you will tell him or her that everything is fine and they need not cry. This is how the human mind works.

Until we have been through a particular situation, we cannot understand another person’s grief. But, what is the meaning of living life. What does it mean to live life? Nobody here is dead, everyone is alive; everyone is breathing. A few days back, I was listening to Osho and he narrated a beautiful small story. He had a friend, who was a top-notch professor who had received many awards then one day he had a heart attack. So, Osho said that after you reach the top, only a heart attack is left; rest everything has come, now only a heart attack remains, so, it has to come. So, he had a heart attack and was on the death bed. So, Osho visited him and told him that do not be afraid, my friend, you will not die.

So, the professor got a little encouraged and said that he needed a friend like him as all the doctors had told him that he will not survive and Osho, told him that he would be fine. Osho told him that he cannot die. Relax, you won’t die. The professor said that he was not a doctor and how could he say so. To this, Osho said how can you die, as you have never lived. You had been busy all your life in publishing these papers and speaking at various conferences and now you have everything, only a heart attack was left, that has also come, now there is nothing more for you to live and since you have never lived so how will you die? So, we die every time we focus on the lack in life.

This is a fact that whenever we start focussing on the deficiencies in life, we die. Just like when a small child hides in a corner to avoid the fight at home, similarly, life hides in a corner when we focus on the lack and deficiency and the mind is struggling with those feelings. Life thinks that this person does not enjoy my presence and does not wants to play with me, does not wants to rejoice with me, does not wants to pick me up, does not wants to run with me, does not wants to go for walks with me, does not wants to go for a stroll at the river bank, this person does not care about me anymore. So, that time, life hides itself and when life hides, it is death. Then, there comes a moment when the person’s mind becomes calm, when we focus on the deficiencies in life, we are hitting life badly. Whenever we focus on the completeness of life that whatever we have is sufficient, I may make efforts for more but I am happy and at peace with whatever I have; life gets encouragement. If you praise a small child who has drawn even a simple line feels so encouraged that they do even better.

But if you tell them that what non-sense have you drawn, they will be discouraged to the extent that they may never draw anything again. So, when we are happy with whatever we have in life, we live. Alive is active; the dormant is dead and the active is Buddha and Buddha knows the way of living life; even after knowing that life is full of sadness and it is not possible to be happy in all conditions, but if we have a diary, a compilation of good memories that can be opened when we feel sad, life takes another direction and takes another form. And often, a sad person says, they don’t want to live then a few see their responsibilities and say that it is essential to live but some don’t. But, go and ask a person who has a disease.

How many patients have you seen in a hospital who refuse taking medicines because they want to die. It is just something vocal that I don’t want to live. Humans live even when they do not want to live at all; then why not live with desire. If it is something imposed upon you then why not enjoy it. So, even if you compare life to a disease and you have it then you have to get it treated.

So, every human thinks that the whole world is better than them when they are sad; you will feel that every one else is happier than you and possibly the other person would be checking your Facebook page at that time and believing that you are so happy enjoying holidays. They are feeling restless seeing your page and imaging that your deeds are so good that they are enjoying so much and you are rejoicing seeing their page that they are so fortunate to be enjoying the calm at home; their parents do not fight at all whereas your parents have just finished fighting.

Just remember there is no one whose parents don’t fight. Everybody’s parents fight some more and some too much. They will definitely fight; in fact, they have an offspring only because they get bored of each other. I cannot see your face every evening so I want something new in life. So, they are not happy with a small trouble and want a bigger one. But, like in marriage, if the relation is not good then even if you have 100 children, the relation will only deteriorate. If your relation is not good and you keep on producing children then that is not going to happen.

If you develop something that is not good, it will only get worse. Similarly, in life if you are not happy with how you are then however much you try with several things, you will not get happiness. The first thing to understand is whether I am happy in my life now; if I am not happy, now then I will not be happy in any condition. If I am happy now then I will be happy in any condition.

You must have seen a few people who get out of their grief quickly. Everyone has grief in his or her life but the more spiritual wealth you have, the more you can spend it to come out of grief. If you face a lack of money at home and you have money with you then you can mend that lack but if you do not have money, you cannot mend it, in this case you might go to someone asking for a loan a friend or a bank or someone. The lack of the physical world can be made good with physical resources. Similarly, when negative feelings constrain the human when there comes such a trouble in the spiritual world within that time, we need spiritual wealth.

If we have spiritual wealth then we can come out of that situation by spending that spiritual wealth. The spiritual wealth of the humans are every good word they speak, every good deed they do and every good thought they have. The more it is the more difficult situations you can deal with because the spiritual person always tries to connect and the Tamasik person always tries to break. There is a very famous story of Angulimal and every one must have heard but possibly not everyone remembers what Buddha had told him. It is said that Angulimal was a dacoit and he used to cut the fingers of people he robbed and tie them in a garland around his neck.

So, once Tathagat was going in the jungle and Angulimal stopped him and asked him to give away whatever he had; Buddha replied saying that this was the goal of his life and that he was roaming around to give whatever he had. I am here to give away, please take whatever I have; Angulimal replied asking Buddha to stop talking and give him all the money he had. Buddha replied saying that Tathagat only carries this bowl and this cloth on the body. That is all.

So, Angulimal asked if he was not afraid and showed him the cut fingers saying that those belonged to the people he had robbed and showed his blood-filled sword and said that the blood was human and not of any animal. Buddha said that he was not scared of anyone. Angulimal replied saying that he was the strongest person of that state and that everyone was scared of him. Buddha said that if he would prove himself the strongest then he too will bow to him and that Tathagat’s search is not over yet. Angulimal said that he will cut Buddha’s head and then he will believe in his strength. Tathagat replied saying that he can do that too but first pass a small test and then I will believe that you are the strongest.

Angulimal asked, what test; Buddha, pointing to a tree asked Angulimal to bring a few leaves from it; Angulimal asked what after that; Buddha replied that’s it; get the leaves. Angulimal thought this would not require any strength and stretched his hand up to get a few leaves from the lowest hanging branch; a few of them broke, some were fine, some were green and some were dry. Angulimal then asked what should he do next? Tathagat replied saying that it’s a very small thing, put these back on the tree. Angulimal replied saying what kind of non-sense is this? How can I put these leaves back on the tree? So, then how are you the strongest. The one who only knows how to break but not connecting or mending is not strong. The strong harbours and brings positivity to the life of others. The strong is the one who protects and not the one who consumes. The strong becomes the Yogi and not the bhogi (voluptuous).

So, if you cannot mend these handful leave then do not call yourself strong. Because, it is very easy to break; if you have to break someone how much time will it take? Once you insult someone, even the strongest of a person is broken and then it takes a bit of time for the person to gather themselves. The more the spiritual wealth a person has, the faster he/she can gather himself/herself. And imagining that our situations will be the same life long or the society will not break us is not possible because if you want to clean up something thoroughly, you need to open it else you cannot do that and by only cleaning outside, the vehicle’s engine does not last long. So, the situations tend to open up humans repeatedly and if you are strong enough, you will be able to gather yourself.

Have you seen mercury. Once thrown, it gathers and combines as if it was never scattered. Thus, it is so significant in Chemistry. Mercury has a unique property that if thrown it scatters and when gathered it combines as if it was never got scattered. So, when your situations try to break you then you should not struggle much. The moment you accept your life is the best moment of life. You need to accept whatever has happened in your life and then think as to what needs to be done next. So, when Satvikata (purity), satyata (truth) and Satkarma (Good deeds) combine only then the spiritual wealth in human life increases and the more it is, the happier you can be.

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