What Is Hapiness

occurred on the maha gayjisu record is my problem dear venom guru made a servo car as you serve a dog I’d offer my obeisance to the divine in you everybody is busy almost everybody some are busy at work some are busy at home some are busy over the phone some are busy doing nothing some are busy because they are doing everything .

but why are people busy everybody is busy because they want to attain something majority.

don’t know that though they are simply busy they are simply running they feel that . the basic necessities of life their needs front them to work the way to do . but is it really the reason or is the reason something else they have not sat down and done any thinking could that be the reason or they sat down and then too much thinking could that the reason .

but if you really read between the lines you will find that most people are working most people are busy because they want to be happy happiness that is going to be my topic today so let’s get to it you what is happiness is happiness a goal is happiness and achievement is happiness a journey or is happiness of feeling long time ago I was once dining at a restaurant in Sydney and on the wall there was beautiful coat I don’t know the source of the code so the person in the court is saying for very long time.

I thought real life was about to begin real life not the life I was living I thought one day something big is going to happen something huge is going to happen and that is going to mark the beginning of a new Europe for me he said all my life have waited for it but there was always a bill to be paid a phone call to be made an email to be replied to a letter to be written there was always unfinished stuff and I pretty much spend my whole life my whole life living through that until one day when it dawned on me that this was life that my life is what it is my life is all these things happiness can only be felt if you have experienced the river side of happiness if you haven’t experienced the river side of happiness then how would you know what you’re experiencing is happiness but that only holds true for the material happiness or let me give it a name false happiness or dependent happiness but happiness in my mind and that is purely my opinion is neither a goal nor an achievement it is not an attainment happiness is in fact a state of mind .

it is a state of being there are two types of happiness first dependent happiness and second independent happiness if you define happiness as a feeling where you feel good you feel joyous and when that feeling is dependent on external factors that becomes dependent happiness and if your life is revolving around dependent happiness chances are you have lots of ups and downs in your life and chances are you have as many unhappy moments as happy moments not because unpleasant stuff is happening in your life but because you have subjected your happiness to something external whether that is someone saying nice things to you for you to feel happy or for you to have your wish list ticked off for you to feel happy these are all criteria of false happiness of dependent happiness of illusionary happiness before I get to what is real happiness and potentially how to get to that state let us go in bit more detail on this one let’s say you are driving on the road and we just found out at work that you’ve been given a pay rise and that you have been promoted you’re very happy now you feel your your efforts are paying off or have paid off so you’re very happy and you’re driving and you’ve got nice music going on in the car suddenly you’re on the highway suddenly a bad road driver comes along and starts to shift lanes as if a mouse working through the maze in a way that really .

it really starts to disturb you he’s cutting in right left and center overtaking and totally violating all the rules of the road of traffic . according to you suddenly your happiness flees away and you feel angry and let’s say you get into an incident of road rage things work out after a while you take the right exit you were on your way home you can’t wait to share the news at home it takes you a little bit of time to come off that road rage incident that just have incident that just happens and forget about it why because you want to feel happy again and of course chances are you think it was the other person who did everything wrong if the other person hadn’t been this that and the other if the other bad driver hadn’t been a terrible driver you probably would not have felt as bad that’s what you tell yourself and you have every justification for your actions and you promptly think that the other person was the bad driver but the beautiful moment of happiness in your life was spoiled by somebody who don’t even know what spoiled by somebody who did not touch your car who was living his life his way so are you supposed to stay unaffected I’m not saying that although you can do that it is very much in your own hands but because your happiness is dependent on other things things that are not in you things that are outside you you need a good news to feel happy you need good food to feel happy you need some sense gratification to feel happy you need something similar to feel happy your happiness it’s almost a cumulative effect of all those things that you do or you don’t that is not happiness we have given the term happiness to it but that is not being happy because when we have that mindset that means you have made happiness a goal therefore something must occur before you can get to the goal and therefore something should also happen post achievement of your goal but happiness is not a goal if most you make it external till such time that you learn to turn inward and discover inner happiness real happiness think of happiness as a journey not as a gold not as an achievement when you are buying on a journey it can happen that there may be a breakdown it can happen you may have a flat tire it can happen you may not get good food on the way but you keep progressing you have come to believe that okay this is part of the journey you don’t stop there and you don’t go back either generally speaking why because your goal is something else your goal is not the journey you’ll boldly some destination I don’t know if I’m making sense to you but if you pay attention maybe it will start to make sense to you or maybe I need to word it different than to make make it more practical so happiness cannot be the goal when happiness is your goal then you wouldn’t know where to stop because it is a fluid thing your goal should be to aim for perfection maybe or aim for inner discovery or whatever it is that you do aim to give it you 100% within the bounds of reason that is that should be your goal because happiness is the outcome happiness is almost like being recognized by some industry body or some organization or institution let’s say you do really good work and they keep doing it for five years 10 years 20 years or X number of months or years the long come an organization that saying we think you have done incredible work and you deserve some recognition and a memento so they give you a trophy and and similar stuff you were not aiming for the trophy your aim was to to just devote yourself to the cause you work in two words you are not aiming for that recognition in fact it may have never even occurred to you but because you were so devoted to what you are doing a natural outcome of that was this recognition that you just got so similarly happiness is almost like a memento it’s like a trophy it is not what you work for it is not about winning or losing when you keep doing what you’re supposed to do with morality with purity with conviction with honesty you will get happiness and that is a promise because when you instill these key elements in your lifestyle in your thinking in your operating system then happiness sprouts and it blooms and it flourishes and the natural outcome is you feel happy you feel joy I am sure you must have seen people in your own life for not as well to do as you who don’t have even half the things that you can afford to give away but they are happy if not happier why if happiness was dependent on anything external how could they be or our how come it is that they are happier than you or that they are happy in the first place now have you thought about it chances are they are doing what they are supposed to do it is when we set ourselves some silly goals often material goals based on what the world is doing and what people are supposed to do we start to move away from happiness when the when desires and Delphis when your shrouded in desires the sunny happiness the sum of joy it’s warmth can no longer get to you and if you are going to continue to seek your happiness outside you will continue to have ups and downs your continue to have you will continue to have those moments which you may actually say moods or phases but in essence they are neither of these two it is simply your own state of mind that’s playing up so is it wrong to seek happiness outside should we not seek happiness in the material world I’m not saying that in fact it is your personal decision and your choice you can do whatever you want if you want to seek happiness outside you can I’m not stopping you from doing that that may well be your truth I am just saying that you look into it if you are happy with the ups and downs if you’re happy with the volatility and the vulnerability of such happiness then go for it it’s your life your decision your call my job is just make you aware that there is another type of happiness one that is out there that you know because you’ve labeled it you’ve experienced it there is another type of happiness let us not out there that is in here and that is what I call true happiness that is what I call permanent happiness that is what I call genuine happiness or more so independent happiness you see when something good happens in your life you feel happy why because at that point in time your heart opens up imagine a electrical wire that is insulated if you try to pass current from the outside outside of the insulation no current can be passed through or into that wire but if you touch right the copper wire or the metal with the metallic part you can transmit current similarly when you are covered with all sorts of emotions and all sorts of conditioning you cannot feel happiness you cannot feel joy and if you do it is only temporary but something good happens the real you comes out even though temporarily and you feel happy you feel joyous you feel good but imagine if he actually removed the insulation altogether imagine if you could touch that metallic part in you there is already transmitting the current imagine how happy you’re going to feel because unless you’re conscious unless you have the consciousness you cannot think there is no mind without consciousness and there’s no consciousness without mind in a functional way anyway when you get to your consciousness when you get to your mind the route you will uncover your true view the real you you are happiness is then not going to be dependent on anything external from dependent to interdependent to independent that will become the state of your happiness it will cease to matter to you what others are saying to you or what they are saying about you that is unconditional that is unlearning you have to uncondition and you must not uncondition at the cost of some new conditioning and that is the key thing to remember don’t conditioned yourself with my statements that will be just as bad as the previous conditioning of the world the society you must uncover yourself and see your true you the pure you and that is important if you want to discover your inner face your inner happiness that infinite source of bliss that inexhaustible supply of happiness of joy happiness is not a goal happiness is not an attainment it’s not an achievement the best thing you can do with happiness is turn it into a state of your being stead of your mind then all you have to do is remember it if you’re mindful of happiness you’ll always be happy if you cannot do that or until you can do that turn happiness into your journey not the destination and that is going to make all the difference next time someone offers you violent words or unpleasant words or things or gestures at that point in time you have the choice to return it to them in kind but just remember that is going to come at the cost of your happiness so at that point in time .

you have the choice to reject it to ignore it if you do that you will retain your happiness you will retain your state of happiness because at one point in time at any given moment of time your mind can only have one state a switch can either be on or off there is no intermediate state a state similarly at any point in time your mind can only be in one state that date can be anger hatred attachment order in the rest of it or that state can be peace joy happiness bliss .

it is the sister of the mind and it is completely in your hands one which state you choose over others and to which state you retain and three for how long you retain that state if you like being happy if you like Ming joyous all you have to do is be happy especially.

if you’re somebody who has a roof over your head you’ve got clothes to put on and you have meals square meal a day trust me they are more than enough to give you happiness when your basic needs are taken care of then .

it is very easy to feel happy to be happy and to always be in that state always be mindful of that state because everything else is basically a means it’s a trap of desires that can never be fulfilled completely don’t go for that trap work towards things beyond these three I’m not saying stop working towards more things or greater fulfillment that even maybe material fulfillment I’m saying if you want to keep creating desires you’re going to keep squeezing your happiness imagine an orange imagine putting something that has weight imagine putting some weight on it it’s gonna feel the pressure another weight another kilogram of weight on it the pressures gonna increase put one more kg chances are it’s gonna burst put another K G another kg another kg there’s going to be a time very soon when that orange would have turned into pulp so badly that it can neither be squeezed nor we had or can be eaten just like you cannot drink the juice either and once you’ve squeezed it so hard you basically turn it into a machine poke you tell me if you can return it return that orange to its original state chances are known surely you could take the seed put it in the ground and turn it into another tree that will give oranges that is possible when you earn the burden of your desires you maybe like that orange I just divvy fide for you and if your shape has gotten that bad you all you need to do is take that seed of happiness put it in the ground and allow it sprouts don’t keep on fixing the orange that’s just gone helping work on something new if you’re somebody who’s just got a couple of kgs of weight and the orange hasn’t gone bad yet remove black waves let’s say you have a nice house you have a nice car let’s say you don’t even have a huge mortgage somebody’s going to come and say you’ve got a beautiful house so does that mean anything to you is that supposed to mean something it will if you make it that way it won’t if you believe that way somebody says to you I really like your earrings I really like your bracelet or necklace that makes you real happy generally and are you supposed to feel good what is the person said I don’t like your necklace so do you know what I’m getting at your happiness can only be effected if you let it but if you’re mindful of your happiness nothing unaffected and this that’s all you have to remember so aim for the real happiness the true happiness the independent happiness the one in you the one that’s already innate in you bring it up bring it out don’t make us make your happiness and make yourself so dependent on external things don’t it is only going to give you a Guinea and grief and anguish nothing beyond that those who are saying nice things to you today tomorrow they may be seeing terrible things so if you’re going to make her happiness dependent on what they are telling you they can make you feel good they can also make you feel bad be yourself turning world discover yourself uncover unleash your real happiness you would have understood God at that point in time that’s all I have for you today go on be happy give me a smile all right um Paloma de forma de una Familia de una se pone amalah eyah Poonam / which is shipping Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna really hurry wrong put it on that’s a PlayOn

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