What is Tantra

If an enemy [laughs] if an enemy -written in bracket- a relative or outsider feeds the family members anything wrong fraudulently it causes diseases, weakness; how to save oneself from this? [laughs] You will have to visit a royal hospital [laughs]. A lot is happening; someone seems to have fed you something dangerous.

What do you think, the use of Tantra is so easy that you fall ill or faint just by eating something. But, yes somebody feeds you chemical, I can’t say anything. But, it is hard to believe that such things happen in the general society that somebody is mixing something in your food. Very often, this is our delusion. Once a family came to us from a village, they said someone had done something on them. I asked how do you know? How do you know that someone has done something. He said, I have eruptions (pimples) all over my body.

I said the one who has done this is really useless. Had he been a good tantrik, he would have done something more fierce. He has done something utterly useless- caused eruptions on his body. So, in my opinion you shouldn’t get into such measly things.

The negative exercises done in the Shad karma are called Kritya. No Tantrik will ever do Kritya in exchange of money. And anything he does for money will take away his siddhi. Any Kritya done in exchange of money will never succeed. Every despicable deed is now being called tantra. Whereas, the practice of Tantra is so pure that the tantrik wants to ascend all fear and so goes to meditate at the burial sites (shamshaan) and is ready to embrace the biggest fear, the fear of death and the funeral pyre.

If you want to develop detachment, visit a burial site once a week. It is absolutely true that you have to go there once but if you visit there once in a month, you can develop detachment. If there is a deficiency at home, watch yourself, your karma but do not think that someone or relative has fed you something. This is all rubbish. Believe me and if you don’t believe me, keep wandering, keep visiting different pandits; keep running behind jyotish, vaastu etc.

Had they been so good, why the jyotishis and the swamis would not won lotteries themselves. They are telling you ways of becoming rich why would they not use it for themselves. So, you need to understand that this is the saddest truth, not only in the Indian society but world over that till date whoever has tried to control you had to create a fear in your mind whether they are religious scriptures, Pandits, jyotishis, psychics or tantriks, they create fear in your mind. Mostly they tell you that someone has fed you something and 99.99% they say it’s a woman. She has fed you. She has done something.

They will create such an image in your mind. If you have a physical weakness, take medicines, have good food, exercise and stay calmly at home. If you have mental weakness, meditate, do tratak, or find any way of keeping the mind happy.

If there is unpleasantness in the family, ask the person you are hurting what deficiency do they see in you. What would you want me to change and I will tell you my expectations. I don’t want to spend life in tribulation, so, instead of running to a pandit, let’s discuss our expectations.

It does not suit a literate person to have thinking like this. Let’s assume that you are educated and still believe this then what is your God doing? If you have so much of fear then why are you being so religious, why do you go to the temple? Whatever happens with us is our responsibility. Learn to take your own responsibility. Till the time we keep on believing that someone has done something, we can never improve, never reach the next step or level.

Moreover, it is up to you if you want to invoke the God or the devil in the other. It depends on your behaviour. So, the churning goes on continuously in the mind. This churning gives out both the nectar and the poison that can only be worn and contained in the throat by a yogi like Shiva, who would neither let it go up into the mind nor allow it to go down.

So, if you are stable in yourself, whether the society gives you poison or nectar, it won’t affect you. This battle between the good and the bad will keep going on. Sometime, the good wins, at others, the bad. indriyāṇāṁ manaśh chāsmi Gita Krishna says: Amongst the senses I am the mind; The mind governs everything. It rules over all senses. So, only you can come out of this churning. If you have morals like Vishnu and yoga like Shiva, you can get out of it and then you will attain all pleasure.

It’s in our hands to improve our lives or you can accept that your God does not have the power to remove the effects of what another person has done to me and so I have to go to the pandits or the tantriks. So, if you think that a pandit or tantric who is doing some rituals for you in exchange of money is doing it with interest, then you should rethink this.

However hurt you are and however much the other person is kind, they cannot feel the pain of your wound as much as you feel it. So, it is in your hands to stay happy and comfortable. I have seen that a person who has wasted his childhood has the most problems in the family because that person is not set in his life.

When it was time for studying, he did not study; when it was time for taking care of the body, he did not do that; wasted all the energy. Such a person is not set in his life. He thinks only his business is not set, his profession is not set and all others are moving ahead of me and are to doing better. He holds others responsible, he looks for his answers in these things. Many type of people come to me, no educated or a person who has achieved something through efforts has never told me if someone has done something to them or their family or they have problems in their business.

This is done only by people who have not done things on time- if for example if you study on time and become a doctor, then your source of income is fixed for life. You will never be concerned about your meals, your desires- both sociological and worldly- will be fulfilled. You will never be worried about money because you have a talent, an art. You have knowledge that the society needs.

So if you have something like that, the society will give you money. If you are doing something that the society does not need then why will anyone give you money. Abudh kutumbi jimi dhanheena Jal sankoch bikal fai meena. Abudh kutumbi jimi dhanheena (Ramcharitmanas – Kishkindha Kand:16) The way a fish starts panicking when the water in the pond decreases, the same way man panics when there is slight shortage of money in the household or loans increase. Many people come to me asking that they have big loans and how can they pay it? I tell them-3 options- 1. Either you can declare yourself bankrupt- I don’t have anything-whatever is there, you can distribute. 2. Sell your assets, increase your income, sell your assets and clear the loan as the interest will eat you up- since you don’t have breathing space, you will keep on fire-fighting.

And the third is to pay back the loan to the person you had taken it from. Either it goes in bad debts or you pay it, there is no other way- there won’t be a lottery or something out of the blue, nor will that person say that I like you very much so just forget about it and we’ll have tea together. Nothing of this sort will happen. So, in this case, you only tell me what a sage or tantrik or pandit can do? You took the loan, you spent it. You should have thought a thousand times before taking loan.

In my opinion, you should not create assets with loan. Possibly, the business society of today may not agree with me but I don’t want to do a business with loan, I don’t want that headache. Even if the business flourishes to 100 or 500 Millions, that headache is not worth it. I won’t be able to enjoy the growth of my business. I will constantly be worried about the pay back to the various people I have borrowed from. Have a small business.

Don’t have a big factory, have a small shop, do door-to door selling. You should enjoy your hard work in life and the fruits will follow. So, it my opinion, my request and advice to you that you should not waste your time in all this. Focus on yourself and your life. Relatives or anyone cannot do any harm to you. Nobody’s karma has so much power that they can cast an evil eye over you and what are your Karma doing? Are they so useless? They too have their power. I hope I have made my point.

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