When we study any of the Puranas

Their question is, “When we study any of the Puranas, If we read its translation in the language we understand, Will it have the same impact Or must it be read in Sanskrit only”? It should be read in the language that you can understand, only then you will be able to understand it, Otherwise we will keep memorizing it without understanding and it will become a fruitless routine.

So, it should be read in the language that you can understand. Both, literal and emotional meaning must be examined only then you will start to understand its true meaning. and what is written in the Puranas? There are some stories, some arguments, and things about the origin of the earth.

Is there any other benefit of reading the Puranas? No, there is no other benefit. I do not believe that reading the Purana will make the deity of that Purana happy. In my opinion, this thinking is completely absurd. that If I am reading Vishnu Purana then Lord Vishnu will become happy with me I do not believe that something like that is happening.

But it is better to read the scriptures of any religion than to read any nonsense. We keep reading the news all day, especially men. They love the news. His wife does not like it but still he cannot stop reading or watching the news. Even if they read and listen to the news all day especially the news on politics there is nothing they can do about it We read the news that this person said this and other person said that and we make our opinion based on the news, That this person is good and the other person is not good, he should do this and do that. A couple completed 50 years of marriage and were very happy. They were celebrating their golden jubilee.

Their friends asked, “What is the secret?” “It seems impossible, you have done something different.” “What is the secret of your inner happiness?” The husband replied: “There are clear rules in our house.” “All the big decisions I will take.” “and my wife can take all other decisions” His friend said, “I can’t believe this that your wife agreed to this.” The husband replied “She had to agree, I left no other option for her.” His friend said, “That is impossible. Give me an example so that I can believe you.”

The husband replied, “All the big decisions like which party will form the next government, where is the country’s GDP going, what should the Indian Army be doing, “Which country to attack, Which newspaper will come to our house what kind of ideology will we study? I take all these big decisions.” “Which car to buy, Where should our house be, Where will we go for our vacation next? What is best for the kids?” “All such small decisions, my wife takes” “All big decisions I take.” Men keep wasting their time all day on these news, nobody cares about it. He will keep writing comments on the Internet sites. On the news websites, all comments are mostly by men only and they keep shouting at others with their comments. What a useless exercise.

By the grace of God, I have never left a comment on any website. There is no meaning to it. reading Puranas and scriptures are much better than reading such useless news by which we feel that society and country are going down, The war is about to start tomorrow and we will all be gone. A person sleeps shivering in fear that it is a big deal to be alive. Newspapers have to publish such news, then only someone will read it. No one wants to read other news. There is no enjoyment in that.

Everything we read leaves a Permanent imprint on our mind, but not when we are reading the free material. This is a big secret in itself. All the free material that we read, we will soon forget that. Everything we have read after paying for it remains in our mind. If I ask you how many articles you have read on the internet in the last 2 months then possibly, your answer might be 20, 50 or 100. How many of those do you still remember? Out of that you will remember 1 or 2 only. If I ask you how many books have you read in the last 3 months? and if you reply 2, 5, 6 or 10. Books, You will remember the gist or summary of those books.

So, a person should read thoughtfully as to what he is reading. and everyone should study the scriptures of all religions, all doubts will become clear. Most people have not even read the scriptures of their own religion because it is not easy to read them. Some scriptures are so boring that it makes you wonder am I or is this book a more of a burden on earth,. So boring.

These books are made so serious as if the author is doing you a favour, that the author is very sad and he does not have a good relationship with anyone, Let me write a book or translate a book in another language. Devotion, knowledge and meditation are made so serious in books that if you smile then God will be upset by you. In most religions, no laughing saints will be found, forget about a God who is laughing. So, one should read thoughtfully whatever he is reading.

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